TagGuy was started back in the 1980's, almost out of necessity. The owner had a well-established
automobile industry consulting and customer relations business and didn't know a nametag from a
Howitzer. This, as it turns out, was the reason why he had to get into the nametag business... quickly!

The owner, J.P. Decker, became frustrated at church one Sunday- while acting as a "greeter." In a
small church of about 200 members, he was pleasantly surprised by the large number of
newcomers, but then realized that they were the same people who were there every week, but each
member had their own pew where they normally sat. This practice meant that nobody knew anybody-
not a good trait for any group, and definitely not for a church. With that, he immediately promised that
he would provide nametags for the entire congregation. Mistake!

Nametags- even back in the last century- were overpriced pieces of plastic-
way overpriced-  meaning
that "Plan B" was needed- quickly. Being quite familiar with computers and working for many years
with various printers, the present TagGuy nametag became the answer... reasonable cost, easily
read, reasonable cost, attractive... and reasonable cost.

The rest, as the saying goes, is history. From the small church in Central Florida, the snowbirds
spread out across the country and requests started to come in from various locations. Then, different
clubs and groups picked up on the idea- and thousands and thousands of nametags have since
been produced for everyone from bicycle clubs to political organizations to quilting societies.

The concept has remained simple- as has the nametag and the ordering process. TagGuy remains a
very informal, laid-back small business which hopefully provides a service to people with a wide
variety of interests and may even help spread civility and fellowship among the masses.
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