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NOTE- Information on this page is provided to give you ideas. WE do the actual
design work with your ideas and input. You don't have to be a creative artist or a
computer guru.

                     Fonts (type styles, type faces)

This "fonts" below will give you some idea of the thousands of type styles available (actually- we have
48,113 different styles and 3+ gigabytes of info). Some styles simply fit the situation while others do
not. For example, “Stencil” (below) would not be appropriate for the “Ladies’ Orchid Society,” nor
would “Coronet” seem right for “Hell’s Angels.”

To further complicate matters, most of the styles can be modified through the use of “bold,” “italics,”
“outline” and “shadow” along with size and color variations, shadow color variations and degrees of
shadow, as can be seen in the tag samples above.  The effects are applied in the computer program
used to design the nametags. This particular document is created in plain old Microsoft “Word”- most
likely the same one you utilize.

Frankly, most of the available fonts are ugly; they just don’t seem to have a place on nametags.
Below, several of the more popular fonts are shown. Most can be modified to make them more jazzy,
sedate, dignified, or whatever.
TagGuy samples