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Finally!  TagGuy is here!! You've found THE site for
inexpensive, sturdy, large, attractive, easily-read nametags. We
make one size (printed area 2" X 3-1/2") and make them by
one method- laminated. From the financial standpoint, here's
the story:

  • $ 2.00 each for tags with a pin or clip fastener
  • $ 2.70 each for tags with a magnetic fastener
  • Repeat orders- minimum of 10 tags
  • Initial order- minimum of 30 tags
  • $5.00 per order (NOT per nametag) shipping
  • No "design" fees

The entire process is ultra-simple. Contact us and we go back
and forth with ideas, emailed samples, revisions, etc. until we
get it right. When you're pleased with the design, we make the
nametags and send them to you, with an invoice. You mail a
check. We're
all happy.


Me? Design a nametag?

Actually, it's quite simple- and WE do it. You already have some
basic idea of what you want, most likely. First- the person's
name- large and easily read. You also want to show the
common factor- church name, club or group name, etc. You
can expand from there- home town, graduation year, member
since 2006, title (President, usher, pastor). See the collage for
other ideas. These items are the "facts" for the nametags.
Avoid clutter, however. With this in mind, see the "Design
Ideas" page for ideas and various possibilities.
TagGuy... $ 2.00 NameTags $ 2.00
<<< Rounded corners
<<< Vinyl laminate- 2-1/4" X           
        3-3/4 X .010"
<<< Card stock- 2" X 3-1/2"                
        (110 lb.)

<< Pin type fastener

Magnetic fastener >>

NOTE: Magnet fasteners
must not be used by
people with a

<< Clip type fastener